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PHD DISSERTATION Completed October 2016

Responding to the Call of Things: A Conversational Approach to 3D Animation Software
The idea that 3D software is a creative tool at the service of a proficient user is common in the 3D animation community, but it is a sentiment that downplays the agency of the software. Drawing from a range of theoretical sources, and through practical investigations, this research project explores notions of transparency, representation and the status of digital media objects.

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MASTERS EXEGESIS Completed August 2007

Overcoming the Curse of Precision: Exploring the ambiguous nature of visual perception using 3D animation software
It is a commonly held view within the computer graphics community that 3D animation software is “just another tool” for self-expression. This research questions that view by examining the inherent nature of the tool itself. In doing so, some of the philosophical assumptions embedded in the design of the new digital tool are revealed. 3D software assumes that vision is a mechanical process independent of any context, and thus reduces the world to mathematical principles. This research posits that no tool is neutral; all tools orient our behavior and contribute to the way we perceive the world.

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