September 2020
Beach Scene II - exhibited at Panacea

Beach Scene II, 1999. oil on canvas

First exhibited in 1999, this painting was recently shown at Panacea, an exhibition featuring a variety of work from the Fremantle City Council art collection.

Fremantle Arts Centre, Western Australia.



September 2020
Brushtail Possum - WIP

I was recently commissioned to create a photoreal Brushtail Possum. The following are movies and images from this work in progress.



November 2019
Self Portrait - exhibited at Western Currents

Self Portrait as an Early Morning Swimmer, 1999. oil on canvas

Between 1995 and 2000 I made a series of beach paintings featuring early morning swimmers and the painting above belongs to this series. It was my habit during these years to spend an hour at the beach each morning (swimming and sketching) before painting in my studio. Inspired by Soviet propaganda images from the 20’s and 30’s, Self Portrait as an Early Morning Swimmer was painted from life with the help of two mirrors and a strong spotlight.

First exhibited in 1999, this painting was recently exhibited at Western Currents, Fremantle Arts Centre, as part of the Fremantle Biennale.



June 2019
Melting Painting - Reaction Theatre

As part of a forthcoming immersive theatre project, “Secret of the Raft” by Reaction Theatre, I explored Houdini fluid simulations to create animation loops of an ocean and melting painting. The above movie is indicative of the desired effect (the blue figures stand in for real actors). The final movies will be rendered for large scale projection.
More information on the theatre production can be found here



April 2019
Inavision - animated logo



July 2017
Cow Herd - VR artwork

Cow Herd is a VR experience that uses motion capture data and flocking algorithms. After putting on the headset, a viewer of Cow Herd notices a group of cows who seem to be aware of the viewer’s presence. At first the cows are inquisitive but they soon become startled and begin to run. Swept up by the momentum, the viewer follows, becoming one of the herd - becoming cow.

Created in collaboration with Chris Barker with sound by Celeste Potter .
Exhibited at Nexus Arts, Adelaide. July 2017.

A screencapture of Cow Herd can be found here.
Below are process picatures from the project.


November 2016

Designed by Eran Hilleli and created at XYZ Studios, Through the Dark is a web based interactive music video. This project was technically challenging and was made possible by a multidisciplinary team including designers, animators and programmers. My involvement included a variety of 3D generalist tasks.

Through the Dark was designed to be viewed on a current model Google phone and it can also be viewed on a computer. To experience Through the Dark on your computer visit this link. For a behind-the-scenes look at the production process, click here .



July 2016

Created in collaboration with Chris Barker, Flocking Whippet is a dark VR experience in which the viewer controls unlikely parts of the environment, heightening their sense of uncertainty. By looking around, the viewer’s gaze directs the flocks of whippets as well as shifts in the soundtrack, and ultimately collapses and explodes the mesh of the animated dogs.

Exhibited at the Animaladies conference exhibition in Sydney, and at the Spring Sculpture Prize in Castlemaine.

A screencapture recording of Flocking Whippet can be found here.


The VR version of Flocking Whippet is based on my first attempt at flocking algorithms created with vex in Houdini (image below with link).



October 2015

Night Scene is a large scale projection work commisioned by RMIT University as part of their Urban Animators: Living Laboratory initiative. An excerpt from Night Scene can be viewed here. Click on the image above (or click here) to find out more about RMIT's Urban Animators: Living Laboratory.



October 2011
LITTLE RIPPER - animation

A short excerpt from Little Ripper.

Directed by Celeste Potter for XYZ studios, Little Ripper is a 5 minute animation about pigeon racing and forms part of the feature length documentary Fast, Feathered and Fearless by Streamline Media.

My involvement in the Little Ripper project included modelling, texturing, 3D animation and compositing



August 2011
THE SLAP (title sequence) - PLUS FILMS

Based on the bestselling book by Christos Tsiolkas, The Slap is an eight-part drama series commissioned by the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC).

My involvement The Slap title sequence included animation direction, production, and involvement in initial simulation tests for the CG plate. The expertise of Houdini wizard, Pawel Grochola, was essential for the successful completion of this project. The title sequence itself was conceptualised, directed and produced by Plus Films .



September 2011


Stills from Blue Skies test animation.

Directed by Eran Hilleli For XYZ Studios, Blue Skies is a TVC created for Honda. My involvement on this project included shading, texturing, modelling and previz animation.

Click here or on the images below to view the full TVC on the XYZ website



Stills from Blue Skies TVC.



August 2011

Directed by Steve Watkins For XYZ Studios , The Big Squeeze is a TVC created for Fountain Sauces. As "3D Lead", my involvement on this project included lighting, shading and rendering, as well some rigging, modelling, and animation. Click on one of the images below to view the full TVC on the XYZ website



Stills from The Big Squeeze TVC.



December 2008

Commissioned by David Lancashire Design on behalf of Zoo’s Victoria, Stories of the Sea is a 5 minute animation depicting krill, barracouta, dolphins, seals, Australian salmon, and blue whales. The animation is projected as a 25 metre long, 3 metre high image in the new section of the Melbourne Zoo called "The Deep".

A short excerpt from Stories of the Sea.

At 4096 x 768 pixels, Stories of the Sea is difficult to show on a computer screen. The movie above shows a montage containing sections of the original animation. To see the full animation, visit the David Lancashire Desgn website.


Project Development - This is one of the initial visual style images created using Adobe Photoshop.


This photo shows the animation in situ; a 3D animation projected onto a 25m long screen.